How to transfer music from Android to any iPhone

When switching from Android to iPhone, you don’t have to worry since you bring your music with you. Or maybe your friend has some awesome songs on his/her Android phone that you wish to your iPhone. All you need is a computer with iTunes for the music transfer. However, if you use any of the best music streaming apps, you will have to go to the App Store, download the app, then sign in using your username and password.

For those using Apple Music, all they need is to sign in to their iOS device. Follow the following quick procedures to get all music from an Android phone to any iPhone like iPad and iPod including iPhone 7 and plus:

1. Connect the Android phone to your computer then find the music to be transferred. You can find the files in the Music on the most Android device. If you use Mac, you will have to install Android File Transfer App, open it and then navigate to the Music folder of the mobile device.

2. Select all the music you want to move then copy and paste them to a folder on the computer.

3. Disconnect the Android Phone then connect your iPhone to your computer.

5. Launch the iTune music transfer, navigate to your Library then open Music.

6. Open the folder where you pasted your music of interest, drag them to the iTunes Music View.

7. Select your iPhone device then click Music. You can opt to synchronize your entire library or choosing only the recently added songs or artist.

8. Click on sync and you will find all your songs on your iPhone device in the Music app.

Give it a try and you will enjoy the entire procedure. However, if you still have trouble transferring music, check your iTune software version or contact the Apple Support team for further guidance.

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