Reasons Why Mobile Gaming Industry Is Rapidly Growing

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Gaming, in general, is one of the most adopted arts in our modern world today. It dates back in ancient history whereby we, humans, actually did it physically. This was before the invention of modern day technology that has brought about significant change in the gaming industry today.

mobile gaming

Gaming, in general, is one of the most adopted arts in our modern world today. It dates back in ancient history, whereby we humans actually did it physically. This was before the invention of modern day technology that has brought about significant change in the gaming industry today.

Imagine living in a world where there was no electricity hence no technology hence no gaming. A plain old dark world with fun comprising of only throwing pebbles in the lake and having to watch hens fight in the village arenas. Sucks huh! So when I say gaming has revolutionized our world today, it goes way deeper than what we actually experience in our everyday lives. IT ISA LIFESTYLE IN ITSELF!

Did you know?

  • The idea for the game Pacman came while eating Pizza due to its shape.
  • Mario actually does not hit the bricks with his head but instead punches them if you take a closer look.
  • The record of the highest controller button pressed in a second was 16 by Toshuyuki Takahashi.
  • Rockstar once paid to get negative reviews for its GTA series!

Modern day gaming is done in many platforms thanks to major breakthroughs and contributions in the tech sector. Some of the most widely adopted consoles today are: Playstations, Nintendos, Xbox, Virtual reality systems, Sega and -Atari just to mention but a few. Then come mobile phone gaming that has actually transformed since its invention. As compared to all these other devices, the mobile phone is actually one of the most portable and easy to use the device. That is a FACT you and I can relate to. However, to understand why mobile is one of the esteemed and fast-growing multi-platform gaming devices today, we have to go a little bit in-depth because:

a.) Portability

A popular game called Snake was developed in the early 1990s. This was a mobile game that caught the attention of many because, well, it was very addictive and exciting. However, at that time many of the gaming devices were limited to access to power while others were bulky. The Nintendo and Gameboy were the only competitor’s mobile phones had, but they had limited battery life hence unreliable.

Phones, on the other hand, were easily portable, accessible at any given time and not so heavy like other devices. This in itself gave mobile gaming its first major appearance in the gaming universe.

b.) Revolution of Mobile games

Mobile games today are just but a marvel and likewise very competitive. Each console has seen a gradual change since the 90s, slowly working their way up the ladder to fame. Graphics, speed, diversity, and fluidity are some of the aspects that most developers strive to enhance as the years go by. Mobile phone developers have gone milestones ahead in developing sophisticated games that are likewise interactive.

Let me ask this? Who has never played a game as simple as candy crush, or Fortnite and PUBG for serious gamers? Clash of clans is what me, you and the whole world is familiar with. One interesting thing about mobile games is that everyone can make them. This is in contrary to Pc and console games that require a certain level of skill in order to develop them.

c.) The online world

Mobile games online world is just but one of the most easily accessible and stable world there has ever been. Server strength never fails, and that is why most people opt for gaming via mobile phone. More so, you can play with the low amount of data , hence affordable for actually everyone in the world.

d.) Cost Efficiency

If you are an elite gamer, you will know that PubG goes for a price range of 30$, and so does Overwatch. Each and every console game has a price tag on it. On the other hand, mobile phone games are usually free with the most expensive ones being priced at less than 4$. Cool huh! So even the less fortunate gamer can have a glimpse of what mobile gaming is all about.

These are just but a bunch of the numerous benefits that accrue with gaming via the phones. Mobile games developers are relentlessly on the move and are working day in day out to provide the best experience for you and me. If you have ever heard of the gaming world, then you truly know that that is a world on its own, entirely different from the world we live in today.


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