Everything to Know About Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

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Making your space a smart home equipped with technology needs a reliable and consistent Wi-Fi, How? Nowadays Wi-Fi is the core of all devices in-home and outdoor like video doorbells, security cameras, TV, mobile phones, Laptop and many more.

Did you bring a branded router home and expected it to be in the very corner of your house. Are you disappointed that still signals are broken or fewer in many places?

To get full coverage around your home you need to replace your traditional Wi-Fi with a new Wireless Mesh Network.

Why not Traditional Wi-Fi Routers?

A strong router has the capability to cover up to 3000sq ft area of the home. The only condition is if it bags the center. Signal spreads evenly and equally from the router’s spot. Individual’s mostly keep router’s at the corner near the DSL or cable due to which half of the house is deprived of networks.

Mesh Wi-Fi Systems:

Mesh Wi-Fi also is known as Whole Home Wi-Fi Systems connects directly to the modem via main router providing full Wi-Fi coverage in your home. This is a single wireless network which shares the same SSID and passwords.

Few Mesh Wi-Fi systems are Google Wi-Fi, Netgear Orbi, Portal, Eero, Amped Wireless Alley Plus, etc. all are designed smartly to solve connectivity issues. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, they come in two, three or more units.

Benefits of Wi-Fi systems:

Here we have listed the benefits of the best Mesh WiFi 2019 to speed up your browsing and your life simpler.

  1. Convention Wi-Fi Coverage: The best thing about mesh systems is they can be customized. They provide full coverage and you can add units later to expand signals as per your home. Usually, a gap of 30 to 50 ft is maintained between two units. So, if you have a mansion set up three or four units in a chain and your job is done.
  2. Easy to Use: You can set up Wi-Fi via smartphone plugged in a socket, easy right. However, every Wi-Fi is simple if you have used them before. In spite of plugging into a computer and then a landline, Home Wi-Fi gives you ease to just keep units and plug them n power socket, that’s it.
  3. Built-in Protection: With advanced technology, routers are coming up with built-in protection from malware and online threats. If many devices like printer, laptop, smartphone, appliances etc do not contain security software in every tool. Here, built in protection comes to your rescue. However, you still need to have protection.
  4. Timely Update: Many Wi-Fi are managed via vendors and they keep them updated for efficient and better performance. Some systems update automatically so that if there is an issue it may be eradicated. You are free from any tension regarding safety and renew of Home Wi-Fi.


There are a few issues that need to be addressed if you are using Mesh Wi-Fi systems. Note very system has these problems, let’s see:

  1. Too Costly: Whole Home Wi-Fi systems are generally priced on a higher side. Take an example of Google Wi-Fi, where you need to pay $300 for three units. I personally felt it be expensive but you cannot deny the fact that the price mentioned is for the convenience it offers you.
  2. Lack of Features and Settings: Except for Netgear Orbi all the other systems offer limited settings and features. Many of them only give access to parental controls and connection. What happens is once you have purchased a Wi-Fi system you are stuck with it. So if you are looking for a sole system read reviews beforehand.
  3. Privacy hazard: This is not applicable for all Wi-Fi systems but many of them have to be connected to vendors for efficiency. You need to login to the vendor’s account first for managing your network. Example: Google WiFi, Eero, Netgear Orbi or Portal all require a login.
  4. Remember, many routers do not need vendor approval for your network. Having access through vendor means all your data and internet traffic is managed by them. If you read their policy it states that 100 percent protection from hacking is uncertain.
  5. Signal handoff: When you use multiple devices like laptop, mobile, iPad at the same time and you move with them. Generally, this happens with phone or iPad, you move around the house taking them in hand. This is a signal handoff. No disconnection will happen if signal handoff is excellent.
  6. Sluggish Wi-Fi Speed: Behind slow speed, two things are responsible i.e. signal loss and signal degradation.

Signal loss: When the signal is extended wirelessly signal skips from the router to the satellite unit, this causes signal loss. If this happens then derived unit has to do both the jobs i.e. receive Wi-Fi signals from the primary router and then rebroadcast it. Due to this the efficiency of the router goes down to half which basis slow speed.

Signal Degradation: This phenomenon happens when you keep every unit 20 to 30 ft away from the main router. The farther the unit is it will affect the signal competence. Now, this is a little tricky if you keep it too close there will be no difference in the band and if you place it too far signal will not be appropriate.

To find the right distance you need to test speed while setting up. To alleviate speed issues place the satellite unit close to the main router. It can also be completely eliminated via getting them connected through wires. However, convenience is something that will be missed.


All Wi-Fi system is slightly different; examine technology and specification it offers you before buying. This is how you can get your problem solved. Sometimes to cover your entire home with Wi-Fi you may need blanketing it with additional units. So, when you are setting a Wi-Fi router at your home check signal strength else look for necessary changes.

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi alternative, it is obvious that they cannot be replaced. Wi-Fi solves our biggest problem related to whole house connectivity. They are meant to be with us now and forever. Nevertheless, as technology will increase many changes will be made to make it better in terms of performance, features, and price.

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